Friday, August 14, 2009

A letter to GOD

Dear Father Lord, my sister was admitted into the hospital last night and i also know that we should not only come to you when we have trouble.But lord our family needs miracle now. Father Lord please cure my sister althought i always criticize her but she is still my sister.Please take her away from all those germ and viruses especially H1N1 virus as H1N1 can be spread through human. Father Lord Please increase our immunity system and please bless us with your mercy adn guidance so that we can stay away from all these bacterias and we will be able to make a wise decision on anything that is goign to happen in future. But Father Lord the most important thing is please cure my sister and draw our whole family away from the N1N1 virus. Father Lord please listen to the prayer of your humble child.Please give peace and health to us and draw us away from what is harmful to our body and health. In your mighty name we pray .Amen.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I've just finished my friday. As a conclusion of the day, 'TODAY IS MY LUCKY DAY'. you must be wondering why today is my lucky day. Let me tell you in details.

1. Agenda: met Mr Paul
Process: i do not have to wait very long for him. Next, he's nice to me because i had what he wants. He did not scold me and make me feel tension as i really did my work. He also suggested that if i cannot continue with the current research i may change my research topic provided if i have enough supporting materials.
happy rating: 5 stars

2.agenda: received a letter
Process: the content of the letter is exactly what i wanted the most.Luckily me friend help me to get the right thing
happy rating:4 stars(because i'm still lack of one doc but it may not be important as i may chnage my research topic)

3.agenda: collected the calculator
Process: for the past few days i was worrying that i might not be able to get a calculator for my research methodology mid term. It's good to have friends from different courses because they are the one that can help me when i'm in this kind of situation. with the calculator, i can practise earlier as i know that math is not my cup of tea.
happy rating:5 stars

4. agenda:ended the meetomng early
process: the meeting last for an hour and that was what i planned because i still have to study for my mid term.
happy rating:3 stars

5.agenda: thought that i'm really a fortunate person
process: i got many things that went on very smooth today and i realize that my family and friends do care about me.
happy rating: unlimited

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At this very moment, i'm on the way back to ipoh. i'm having the luxury treatment all the way.I look like i'm some businesswomen on a business trip because i'm in a very comfortable seat and happyily onlining.this is the first post that i finished in the train and i'm sure that there will be more in the future.

Monday, July 13, 2009

when will it stop?

H1N1 is getting worst. I'm wondering when will it stops. Do we have to wait until the vaccine being produced and get an injection of the vaccine then only we are immun to the virus? I feel that this is very frightening. Infected cases are increasing everyday and it seems that everyone is potential patient but i think if we are hygine then we don have to be afraid. God bless the world and may God bless you

cheated by PL

Horrible PL! she cheated me to accompany her in Jaya One until 5pm. But i end up accompanying myself from 2:30 ubtil 6pm, PL left me as soon as she sees her friends at the bus stop.If not because of her i should be in digital mall by now.......horrible PL....not going to believe her next time... :(

Friday, July 10, 2009

oh shit! not that question again

Why? Why? why i keep on listening to these kind of questions? "why are you coming back again?" "for what are you comingback again?" "wah, you are coming back again?" I admit that i have a perfect parents,but my heart hurts when i listen to these kind of questions. I wanted to know what is the intention hidden behind all these questions. Everytime when i listen to these questions, i feel sad and embarassed. Do i have to feel ashamed to go back? I'm surrounded with all these questions. Please...would you please...let me go. I want to feel happy and proud when i go back. I don't want to feel embarassed and feel like i'm a thief.
I wanted to discuss this matter with you, but you never take it seriously. Does it mean that since you are not taking this matter seriously during discussion, does it also mean that you are just joking when you are asking me all these questions? i'm confussed.i'm really confussed. I don't want to pretent in front of you. i'm graduating soon, when are we going to settle this problem? Trust me, this is the most serious and the only problem that occur in our relationship.

Sunday, July 5, 2009



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SARS Vs H1N1 P.K environment

SARS (2003) H1N1(2009)
Infected: 8096 + 1706 Infected: 35928 + 5834
Death: 774 + 142 Death : 163 + 18
Malaysia: 17 cases (15th June)

From the numbers above we can see that there is a huge differences between the 2 deadly diseases. The number of those infected increased by few times.But who to be blamed for? Human? Environment? Pigs? Science Lab?Government? I would say that when things happened we don't look for anyone to blame but we should look at the source and the solutions. These are all diseases that came from the environment due to the lack of concern towards the environment,over harvest of the flora and destruction of fauna. So, basically HUMAN are the cause of everything and human are punished by the environment via virus. Look at the history of human's development, there isn't any big infection thaa ever happened in the history. AS the human still care for the envirnoment, treat the environment as their friends and they know how to recycle. As material become more and more important in the eyes of human and when money do make things easier, human started to abandoned the environment and 'treat' money as their only and dearest friend. Environment, family, human friends and flaura and fauna were used to 'bribe' their friend-money. Human sacrificed the things above so that more 'money friends' will stay in their pocket and saving accounts.
The burden of saving the environment is now on our shoulder. It's our responsibility to care about the enviroment, think of your future generation. Do you want them to lie on the sick bed everyday? Do you want them to breath in the air that were polluted by you? Do you want them to know and recognize the flaura and fauna from pictures only? Do you want them to die at a very young age? Do you still want them to see the beautiful iceberg that are in iceland? Do you yourselves wanted to have something wonderful and beatiful to remember when you die? Save them now. Save them by recycling. Save them by not burning rubbish or dried leave in the yard. Save them by telling other's the concept of clean environment.Save them by telling other's to stop doing activities that will cause global warming.
If i can care about them, why not you? If i can tell other's that human are dying because of the things that they did to the environment,why not you? I'm a person that do not take and care about other things seriously but i do seriously care about the environment, because i'm a real HUMAN. I'm a human that care about my future generation. I'm a human that want my children to have what i had. I'm a human that have feeling and i'll feel sorry for the environment. I'm a human. I'm a human that love the earth, environment, country, society and especially I LOVE MY FAMILY. What about you? I hope that you love your family too. Save them before it's too late.